Friday, October 07, 2005

Falling in love

Falling in love...

Ever wondered why it is falling in love, not ascending or rising.

Why the negative connotation?

For, in most culture, down is bad/evil, down is where hell, Ghenna or the Land of the dead is. As opposed to up where God, heaven and goodness is…

And this negative connotation taints most languages, to my knowledge it is the same in French ( tomber amoureux ) and Arabic, even though love in most religions is considered sacred or divine…

I have a feeling that this negative connotation stems more from irrational passion connotation's than that of love per say. Maybe it is more about the irrational process of getting in love than love itself…

This negative connotation almost makes the act a sin. Falling in love, falling into sin, into evil ways…

You might say it is a minor detail with no importance. But it is these details that define our language and consequently our reality, our life and how we live it…

I would have said ascending into love….

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lament for a beloved friend

Goodbye o beloved
Many a morning you woke me up
Many a morning I cursed you
O how I apologize dear friend

Your voice rang in my ears
And I cursed you
But oh I apologize dear friend

Many a day I walked by
Never looking never greeting
O how I apologize dear friend

Free at last you soar
Free from the cage we kept you in
O how I apologize dear friend

Free you were born
Wrenched out of your tree you were
In a cage thrust
But free you died
O how I apologize dear friend

My last offering you shunned
Pained you were
Still you recognized me
But I walked by forgetting our last Farwell
O how I apologize dear friend

How free you soar
How free you dream
How chained I shall ever be
O how I apologize dear friend

Farwell o dear friend
May you soar forever free
In your eternal tree
Farwell o my dear friend