Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A waterless well

A waterless well
Dreams of rain
While the world drowns


Eve said...

I love this one :)

Seth said...

It would be intresting to know why...
what feelings or images it gave

Eve said...

the beauty is in the simplicity my friend. it's in saying so much in so few words. we can't explain why we appreciate certain things. it's either we do or we don't.
bass if you insist on knowing why (as I know you will :P ), it's like imagining someone thirsty in front of an ocean; someone sad at a wedding; or someone searching for one particular of sand... in the desert.

Seth said...

nicly put
comme d'ab

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice!

nour said...

why say more
when u can say less
your words can reach
to those you mean..

your words mean
to thiose you reach..