Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hope kills

Ce qui tue c'est l'espoire
et tandis qu'ils en meurent
combien on voit des gens
qui disent qu'ils en vivent

And my translation for our english speaking friends...

Hope kills
and while it is slaying them
how many say it is keeeping them


Fouad said...

But isn't that the best way to die?

SH said...

I don't see why hope kills. Even in death there is hope for a second life.

Eve said...

hoping when there's no place for hope: the other face of suffering, the dangerously sweet one.

Seth said...

It is the best way to die, but not to live

It kills because it keeps you believening in something that is no more, keep you suffering beyond pain...

In which one can drown forever...
a tempting solution

SH said...

Never say never!

a gaijin in nihon said...

A good friend on mine once said:
" L'espoir tue et le remords fait vivre !"

happygames123 said...

yes,maybe death there is hope for a second life.
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